Paul Kviecinskas

Coming back to the guitar after almost 15 years and playing in bands again, I was lucky enough to have my wife buy me a couple of lessons with Paule. I’m glad she did. I was hooked. Now after 2 months of regular weekly lessons with Paule, my guitar playing has developed significantly and has …

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Nathan Donaldson

“Paule helped me take my guitar playing to the next level. I had spent a couple of years with other guitar teachers. While I was progressing I found that my progress was haphazard and slow.  Working with Paule, I was impressed with his commitment to my learning and growth. He took the time to ensure …

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Brett Le Mouton

“Taking lessons at Rapid Guitar Results helped me figure out where I was going wrong with my technique. I spent years basically driving with the handbrake on, without even realizing that I was using way too much tension and making things more difficult than they needed to be! It’s going to take some time to undo …

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Erif Nogard

“Paule is an excellent Guitar Performance Coach, his method gets straight to the point when it comes to music theory learning, saving you innumerable hours of time researching online or using other traditional learning methods. Totally recommended.” Getting started is easy! Let’s have a conversation about your guitar development goals.

Mary E, Auckland

“I am 66 years old and I have had guitar lessons with Paule for near on a year now. I have had a number of guitar teachers over the years and what I like about Paule is that: He is well prepared and has lesson plans He takes the time for me to fully understand …

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Tania Brown

“I had some coaching with Paule to kick-start my guitar learning journey and it’s been a really valuable experience as Paule takes the time to teach you strong foundational skills that will help speed up the learning journey. He knows useful shortcuts to make your life easier, which you wouldn’t otherwise know if you were trying to self …

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Sarah Pierce

“I needed a coach that could help me write better songs and brush up on my guitar playing skills. I do a-lot of busking and perform at open mic nights. I was struggling to find the missing chords to make my song arrangements sound complete. Paule helped me a lot by helping me to train …

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Matt Sharp

“I am a singer song writer, that always wanted to learn to play guitar. I am 40 years old and my band wanted me to play acoustic guitar at our gigs to fatten up our sound. Paule was excellent at been able to teach an absolute beginner like me the basics of how to play …

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Mark Watson

“Paule makes learning the guitar fun. When i first started taking lessons i was having trouble making smooth changes between chords (i was getting a sore neck all the time from constantly looking down at my fret board). Paule showed me lots of cool exercises to develop the correct muscle memory for playing rhythm guitar, …

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