Mary E, Auckland

“I am 66 years old and I have had guitar lessons with Paule for near on a year now. I have had a number of guitar teachers over the years and what I like about Paule is that:

  1. He is well prepared and has lesson plans
  2. He takes the time for me to fully understand what I am learning and shows how to practically apply music theory so that I can rapidly incorporate new ideas into my playing
  3. He structures lessons so that I am always building on previous lessons
  4. He can work within my current level of proficiency, but also believes in my ability to improve and is extremely encouraging in the way he helps me move to the next level
  5. I have improved significantly within a reasonably short amount of time under his coaching
  6. Most importantly, he makes each lesson fun, so I look forward to each coaching session.

I would highly recommend Paule to people from all levels, from beginners through to advanced guitarists.

P.S. I got so excited talking about my guitar performance improvements that my brother is now taking guitar lessons with Paule too!”

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