Frequently asked questions

Who would benefit from the Rapid Guitar Results coaching method?

Beginner and intermediate guitarists.

I help beginner guitarists to utilise the correct learning techniques and create effective learning pathways from day one.

Practice dosent make perfect, it makes permanent!

I help beginner and intermediate level guitarists (some who are technically and physically better players than me) learn essential music theory to help them make sense of everything they want to learn how to play on guitar. Together, we learn how to use their brain's preferred learning methods to supercharge their abilities, to master new playing skills and improve their technical playing proficiency.

I help beginner and intermediate level guitar players to break persisting bad guitar technique habits. Together, we can remove psychological and/or physical handbrakes that make higher levels of playing performance possible for everyone - not just the chosen few!

What are your coaching channels?

My coaching services are available as face-to-face, one-to-one sessions at my "Rapid Guitar Results" studio in West Auckland, New Zealand. I also coach via Skype anywhere in the world.

What kinds of clients/students do you coach?

I specialise in teaching beginner guitar right through to intermediate level, music theory and playing level.

My students come from all walks of life and vary in their ages and backgrounds.

I have an equal mix of male and female students. Watch out guys - with the popularity of many female guitar players, including Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson band) and Nita Strauss (Alice Coopers band), there is definitely an increase in both young and older ladies learning to play guitar.

I have lots of college aged students that are taking NCEA music, etc.

I have adult students aged 35 to 80 years old (you read that correctly!) that have either picked up guitar for the first time, or are re-learning guitar and reigniting their love for the instrument.

I have successfully coached a number of students with diagnosed (and undiagnosed) learning challenges. It's much more common than you think to have an undiagnosed learning challenge, and it's awesome to watch these students not only grow more confident with their guitar skills, but to watch their personal confidence and self esteem grow too!

When can I book my first Rapid Guitar Results coaching with you, and how do I get started?

The first step is to either call or email me.

When you email me, remember to tell me a bit about yourself, like your name, your age how long you have been playing guitar. Let me know why you're wanting to book a coaching session with me. What are your basic guitar goals or objectives for receiving coaching lessons? Also let me know what your availability is for coaching i.e. what day (or days) of the week and times suit you best for your coaching session?

Can I get a gift voucher for Rapid Guitar Results coaching?

Absolutely! Click here for information about my one-of-a-kind gift vouchers.

Do you live locally in Auckland?

Yes, and I can coach you face-to-face at my studio. If you're not from Auckland, don't worry, I can still coach you over Skype!

Which music styles do you teach for guitar?

I am first and foremost a guitar performance coach. I specialise in teaching beginner guitar and help my clients to develop highly effectively learning habits from day one of their learning path, with a focus on the pop, blues, rock and metal genres.

I help intermediate level guitarists to break old, persisting bad habits that are holding them back as players.

Once I have mastered the guitar fundamentals, what's next?

I have an impressive network of New Zealand's top touring guitar players (wickedly talented hot-shots) that I can introduce you to. If you want to learn blues, rock, metal, or authentic jazz (or even chicken picking country), you can benefit greatly from the teachings of world class musicians.

These top players will all tell you the same thing; Learn to walk, before you can run, before you can fly!

First master your guitar fundamentals, then the sky is the limit!