Payment (International Coaching)

You can pay for any Rapid Guitar Results service online by using the buttons below after contacting me to schedule a session.

Please select an amount, and then either press PayPal (to pay via Paypal account) or the alternative payment method.

Initial coaching session*
Casual coaching
Concession rates (5x sessions)
VP services
RGR Music Production Services

Service total: $250.00

*All RGR programmes begin with an RGR Diagnostic Session, laying the foundation for success.

Note: All coaching rates are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) -> Currency Converter

FAQ: Why do international coaching rates differ from domestic ones?

For international coaching, Paule needs to navigate multiple international timezones and differences in public holidays. International rates are competitive internationally and they ensure that coaching is available when students most need coaching, whether that is late at night, early in the morning or any time in between in New Zealand.